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­­­Timeline for Major Impact Projects in Brentwood, Tennessee


1969    Brentwood Incorporated as a City

1971    Maryland Farms zoning controversy and future development plan

1972    City’s one-acre density ordinance adopted for residential development (originally came from septic tank regulations)

1975    Construction began on Maryland Farms Office Park

1994    Primus announced plans to relocate to site adjacent to Brentwood if North Carothers Road is opened at Brentwood/Franklin border; Governor asks Brentwood to open road; State agrees to fund $10 million road improvement for Brentwood; Brentwood wins concessions from developers to limit development adjacent to Brentwood

1994    Rezoning approved for development of Westgate office-retail complex north of Moores Lane; first time for developer, residents and City to negotiate special restrictions on use of property

1999    Brentwood 2020 Plan (drafted by 70 community volunteers)

1999    Zoning changed to include Senior Housing Developments / Two comprehensive retirement communities approved

2003    Proposed Town Center improvement plan to encourage redevelopment of the original commercial area of Brentwood (general boundaries: Old Hickory Blvd. to the north, I-65 to the east, Church Street to the south and Franklin Road to the west)

2003    Approval of the new residential zoning district, ‘Open Space Residential Development-Innovative Projects’, which encourages open space preservation and a wider range of housing options without compromising the one-acre density standard

2004    Establishment of new “Towne Center” C-4 zoning district

2006    Referendum authorizing expansion of the City Commission from 5 members to 7 members approved by the voters in August

2006    Brentwood 2020 Plan reviewed and updated to document accomplishments since the year 2000 and to reflect current trends and needs – Citizens Surveyed for Input of future Priorities; last survey completed

2007    PLC Property (the “Cooper” Property) REZONED from residential to commercial at the southwest corner of Virginia Way and Granny White Pike.  Now known as “Virginia Springs”

2010    Technical standards in the C-4 Town Center zoning district were amended to facilitate more dense development, taller buildings (up to 6 stories) and expanded district area under clear guidelines related to traffic and parking impact. (Expansion of C4 / Town Center – 11/20/10)

“YES” - Mayor Betsy Crossley, Vice Mayor Rhea Little, Anne Dunn, Paul Webb

“ABSENT” - Joe Sweeney, Regina Smithson, Joe Reagan

2010    The Flagpole property (north end of Mallory Lane between I-65 and the CSX Railroad) was REZONED to C-3/SR, SI-3 & SI-3/SR. The result was approximately 33.5 acres of new land for commercial development and approximately 23.7 acres dedicated for City parkland.

2011    REZONING of property was approved for the Brentwood Morning Pointe Assisted Living facility on Wilson Pike between Moores Lane and Crockett Road.

2011    Town Center C-4 REZONING was approved for commercial property located on Centerview Drive (adjacent to the Brentwood Place Shopping Center) for construction of the Tapestry, a mixed use residential/commercial development that includes 393 rental units.  

2012    The Brentwood City Commission approved the first tax abatement in city history for a corporation, a deal that gives up $375,000 in city property taxes over the next 10 years ($37,500 annually).  Additionally, the Williamson County Commission passed a $2 million property tax abatement over 10 years.

2012    Town Center C-4 REZONING from C2 was approved for commercial property at Synergy Business Park / Historic Mooreland Mansion (Executive Center Drive). Historic Mooreland Manor becomes Hilton Garden/150 room hotel.

The source of this timeline is the Brentwood City website: