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The City Commission meeting on October 14 was marathon in length, but attendees were most interested in just two key votes. One regarded the $3 million purchase of an additional 80 acres at Smith Park, which passed unanimously.  The other concerned amending the city ethics code to require a Commissioner to declare any received election donation over $100 before a vote that would affect the donor.  Despite passing the first reading, it failed on the final reading when Jill Burgin changed her vote.  Commissioners Smithson, Gorman, and Dunn voted in favor; Commissioners Freeman, Little, Crossley, and Burgin voted against.

While there have been no official ethics complaints in the City of Brentwood in past years, some citizens have voiced concerns about campaign contributions from those who live outside our community but profit from our community's commercial development, as well as contributions from volunteer citizens who wish to be considered to serve on boards and committees. Commissioner Mark Gorman proposed revisions to the city's existing Ethics Policy which would require disclosure by commissioners of campaign contributions before each vote for rezoning requests from developers or land owners or persons applying for board appointments where campaign contributions had been made in the previous election cycle for each commissioner.

In recent Commissioner’s Informational Meetings, which are not currently recorded for public viewing, this topic has been discussed in detail. Preserve Brentwood Representatives attended these meetings and recorded this discussion and feel it is very important for citizens to hear what our commissioners are saying about updating our Ethics Policy.

To view comments by each commissioner concerning this issue please click on the video below.  Some important quotes can be found with the log below the video link.

Rod Freeman   intro
Anne Dunn   22 seconds
Rod Freeman   2 minutes 30 seconds
Regina Smithson   3 minutes 48 seconds
Mark Gorman   7 minutes 32 seconds
Rod Freeman   7 minutes 54 seconds
Regina Smithson   8 minutes 15 seconds
Rod Freeman   8 minutes 30 seconds
Rhea Little   9 minutes 9 seconds
Betsy Crossley   10 minutes 20 seconds
Rod Freeman   11 minutes 41 seconds
Mark Gorman   13 minutes 15 seconds
Jill Burgin   13 minutes 40 seconds
Regina Smithson   15 minutes 22 seconds
Jill Burgin   15 minutes 59 seconds
Regina Smithson   16 minutes 35 seconds
Anne Dunn   16 minutes 56 seconds
Regina Smithson   18 minutes 33 seconds
Anne Dunn   21 minutes 15 seconds